Culture of responsibility

Culture includes what people believe, how they behave, how they shape their environment, and what they understand about the world.

Most elements in culture are passed along by the family or the community, and people absorb this knowledge unconsciously as they grow up.

Indeed the values and habits of one social group are seen as ‘normal’, while those of other groups may seem strange, or threatening.

Firmaculture identifies that commercial enterprises, or Firms, have replaced our original sources of cultural influence, (ie – families, fiefdoms, or the church), and as such have an increased responsibility to identify clearly their beliefs, set rules for their behaviour.

Indeed a shared culture strengthens social bonds, and in this ever shrinking inter-connected world, strengthened social bonds and commonalities are the great leveler of humanity.

Firmaculture works with organisations to identify these elements and define the gap between where the organisation is today, and where it wants to be in the future.

A culture is defined by the objects with which people surround themselves.

And now the “Perfect Storm” of a visibly suffering Earth ecology and old-world economics-driven corporate goals are influencing aspirational Human desires to take us into a new period of evolution – the Natural Economy.

Firmaculture is a ‘closed-loop’ approach to achieving sustainable economic growth with a conscious consideration of the full life-cycle impact of an organsiations operations.

It involves brands, and marketing, with a deeper level of integrity behind truly sustainable long-term strategic advantages identified to fit in with short-term needs, and long-term wants.

It’s Good business.

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