Firmaculture is about empowering business leaders adopt a shift in thinking that affects not only their business, but their actions in the community, at home and as an individual.

Permaculture is a system design approach originally developed to improve food yields in agriculture. It’s a way of looking at a whole system and observing how the parts relate. In permaculture practitioners learn from the working systems of nature to plan and fix damaged human systems.  As a Permaculture alumni (’05) I saw this thinking applying just as well to the health of an organisation and developed the Firmaculture approach for the application of permaculture system design in to business.

Firmaculture is a holistic approach that has many applications to all aspects of business.  At its heart are a fundamental set of ethics: 

  • Earthcare – recognising that Earth is the source of all life.
  • Peoplecare – supporting and helping each other to develop healthy societies.
  • Fairshare – ensuring that resources are used in ways that are equitable and wise.