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Food is Connection – A Good Story

Costa Georgiadis flew into Adelaide this morning to give his beard to Alistair and Helena Martin’s RipeNearMe movement. People power is driving a revolution in the food industry. Empowered communities. Grounded people. It’s Good Business Advertisements

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Flaws in the system

So interesting reading about Odum’s “energetics” theories. Perhaps the system we have been taught to believe in, is flawed?>

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Meaning and purpose

There’s nothing more empowering in life than meaning and purpose. In the work environment, it’s and often overlooked role that the organisation (firm) plays in society today. When society fails people, (Politicians, Laws, Equity, Justice), people turn inwards and become … Continue reading

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Culture of responsibility

Culture includes what people believe, how they behave, how they shape their environment, and what they understand about the world. Most elements in culture are passed along by the family or the community, and people absorb this knowledge unconsciously as … Continue reading

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Sustainability = Innovation + Implementation

Attended the 1st 2010 Sustainability Drinks event in Adelaide last night with 30 other bods sharing an interest in making the world a better place – one drink at a time. As with previous events, the function was held at … Continue reading

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China steals the march on Clean Tech

China’s position as one of the world’s pre-eminent clean tech hubs was underlined yesterday, with the release of a major new report from The Climate Group arguing that the country has already secured a lead over many of its global rivals … Continue reading

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Form follows function

Hello all. Modern permaculture is a system design tool. It is a way of looking at a whole system or problem, observing how the parts relate, planning to mend sick systems, and seeing connections between key parts. In permaculture, practitioners learn from … Continue reading

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